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D'Bone Collector Museum

D’Bone Collector Museum – Davao City

The D’Bone Collector Museum showcases a unique collection of animal bones and skeletons and is located in Davao City, Philippines. The museum aims to educate visitors about the importance of animal conservation and the biodiversity of the region. The museum features over 700 animal specimens, including bones and skeletons of animals from the Philippines and around the world. Rare and endangered species such as the Philippine eagle and the dugong are also displayed in the museum.

The D’Bone Collector Museum is committed to animal conservation and actively rescues and rehabilitates injured or threatened animals in the region. It also raises awareness about the impact of human activities on wildlife and their habitats. Educational programs are offered for students and tourists to promote the importance of animal conservation and environmental protection.

Visitors to the museum can learn about the various animal species and their role in the ecosystem, as well as the threats they face due to habitat loss, climate change, and human activities. Overall, the D’Bone Collector Museum provides a unique and educational experience for visitors interested in animal conservation and the rich biodiversity of the Philippines and the world.


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