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Lola Abon’s Original Candy Factory

Lola Abon’s Original Candy Factory – Davao City

Lola Abon founded the famous Lola Abon’s Original Candy Factory, a well-known candy store located in Davao City, Philippines. The store is popular for its assortment of homemade sweets, such as yema, pastillas, durian candies, and other Filipino treats.

The candy factory is still operated and owned by Lola Abon’s family and still uses her original recipes and techniques. Lola Abon started making candies as a hobby and later on, turned it into a business after her candies became popular among friends and family.

Visitors can observe the traditional candy-making process at Lola Abon’s Candy Factory and watch as the sweets are made. Visitors can also sample their candies for free before making a purchase.

Apart from the famous durian candies, Lola Abon’s also offers other sweets, including ube halaya, peanut brittle, and chocolate-covered mangoes. The store’s gift shop offers locally-made souvenirs, making it an excellent place to shop for gifts and keepsakes.

Overall, Lola Abon’s Original Candy Factory is an ideal destination for anyone with a sweet tooth traveling to Davao City. The store’s friendly atmosphere, unique assortment of homemade sweets, and free samples make it an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.


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