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Del Pilar

Del Pilar, Mabini – Davao De Oro

Del Pilar is a barangay (village) in the municipality of Mabini, located in the province of Davao de Oro, Philippines. Mabini, formerly known as Compostela, is situated in the northeastern part of the province.

Here are some key points about Del Pilar, Mabini, Davao de Oro:

  1. Location: It is one of the barangays within the municipality of Mabini. It is located in the northern part of the municipality, adjacent to other barangays such as San Roque and Pindasan.
  2. Rural Setting: Del Pilar, like many barangays in Mabini, has a predominantly rural setting. The village is characterized by agricultural lands, farmlands, and natural landscapes.
  3. Agriculture: Similar to the rest of Mabini, agriculture is a significant economic activity in Del Pilar. The residents engage in farming, cultivating various crops such as rice, corn, vegetables, and fruits. Livestock and poultry raising may also be practiced in the area.
  4. Community Life: It is a close-knit community where residents often engage in social and cultural activities. Community events, festivals, and gatherings may take place to celebrate occasions or promote unity among the residents.
  5. Accessibility: It is accessible by land transportation. The barangay is connected to the main road network, facilitating travel to and from neighboring barangays, municipalities, and cities within the province.

It’s important to note that specific details about Del Pilar, such as its exact geographical features or recent developments, may not be readily available. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to consult local government sources or residents familiar with the area.



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