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Nabunturan Water District

Nabunturan Water District (NWD) – Tagum City

The Nabunturan Water District (NWD) is a government-owned and controlled utility company that provides water supply and services to the Municipality of Nabunturan in the Province of Davao De Oro, Mindanao, Philippines.

As a water district, NWD is responsible for the sourcing, treatment, distribution, and billing of water services within its service area. Its primary objective is to ensure the provision of safe, clean, and reliable water to the residents and establishments in Nabunturan.

The NWD operates under the regulatory oversight of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), which provides guidance and support to water districts across the country. The district is governed by a board of directors appointed by the local government unit to oversee its operations and ensure the efficient and effective delivery of water services.

For more specific information about the services, rates, and operations of the Nabunturan Water District, it is recommended to contact their office directly. They can provide you with the most up-to-date information and address any inquiries you may have.



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