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Maxus – Tagum City

Maxus is a brand under SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, a Chinese automaker. Maxus focuses on producing a range of commercial vehicles, including vans and light trucks.

Here are some key points about Maxus vehicles:

  1. Van Models: It offers a variety of van models suitable for various commercial purposes, such as cargo transportation and passenger transport. Some popular van models include:
    • Maxus V80: A full-size van available in different configurations, offering spacious cargo capacity and various seating options.
    • Maxus G10: A mid-sized van that can be configured for both cargo and passenger transport, featuring modern amenities and comfort.
    • Maxus V90: A large van designed for cargo transportation and logistics, providing significant cargo space and payload capacity.
  2. Light Truck Models: In addition to vans, it manufactures light trucks that are versatile and practical for commercial use. Some of the light truck models include:
    • T60: A pickup truck designed for both work and leisure, offering a blend of ruggedness and comfort.
    • T70: A more rugged version of the T60, providing enhanced off-road capabilities and towing capacity.
  3. Electrification: It has been focusing on electric mobility and offers electric versions of some of its van models. Electric vans, such as the Maxus EV80, provide eco-friendly transportation options for businesses and organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint.
  4. Global Presence: Its vehicles are sold in various countries around the world. The brand has been expanding its presence in international markets, including Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.
  5. Quality and Technology: Its vehicles are known for their build quality, modern design, and incorporation of advanced technologies. These features make vehicles competitive in the commercial vehicle market.
  6. SAIC Motor Corporation: As part of SAIC Motor Corporation, it benefits from the resources and expertise of one of the largest automotive manufacturers in China.



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