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Mangga Elementary School – Tagum City

Mangga Elementary School (Mangga ES) is located in Visayan Village, Tagum City, Davao Del Norte. The school has been operating since Tuesday, January 01, 1952. It is classified as a DepED-managed school with a curricular class at the elementary level.

The address of the school is Mangga, Visayan Village, Tagum City. Tagum City is situated in the 1st District of the Davao Del Norte province, which falls under Region XI.

Within Tagum City, the school is under the jurisdiction of the Tagum City South district. It is a monograde school, and it does not have any annexes.

Mangga ES is a member of the Tagum City Athletic Associaion (TCAA) and Davao Regional Athletic Association (DAVRAA).



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