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Sports Fest Uniform / Intramurals Jersey – Tagum City

Businesses, corporations, schools, colleges, universities, and both private and public organizations commonly organize sports festivals to promote the health and well-being of their employees, students, and members.

These events are typically scheduled during the summer season for many organizations or during designated intramural days in educational institutions. The objective is to provide opportunities for individuals to engage in physical activities, fostering a culture of fitness and overall wellness.

Sports festivals encourage participation in various sports and recreational activities, offering a range of benefits such as improved physical fitness, stress reduction, team building, and camaraderie. They serve as platforms for individuals to showcase their skills, compete in friendly competitions, and celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship.

These events are often organized with the intention of promoting a healthy work-life or academic-life balance, encouraging individuals to engage in active lifestyles beyond their usual responsibilities. By emphasizing the importance of physical activity, these organizations aim to enhance the overall health and well-being of their participants.

Furthermore, sports festivals provide opportunities for individuals to socialize, network, and build relationships outside of the usual work or academic setting. They create a sense of community and foster a positive environment where individuals can come together, support one another, and enjoy shared experiences through sports and recreational activities.

It is worth noting that the specific details and arrangements of sports festivals may vary among different organizations and educational institutions. These events often include a variety of sports, games, and activities tailored to suit the preferences and capabilities of the participants.


  • Tagum Doctors College, Inc.
  • Tagum City Federation of Sports Association (TCFSA)
  • Tagum City Sports Development Office
  • St. Mary’s College of Tagum, Inc
  • Davao Association of Catholic Schools, Inc (DACS)
  • Provincial Government of Davao Del Norte


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