The Fraternal Order of Eagles is a fraternal socio-civic organization in the Philippines with a chapter in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte. It was founded in Quezon City in 1979.

Any aspirant or applicant shall be inducted as a regular Eagle member when he/she completed the basic requirements of the Philippine Eagles Institute of Leadership (PEIL).


As an applicant, you must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) and will undergo background investigation and individual interview before the “Jury” or Screening Committee where you will be assessed whether and applicants possesses such qualities which shall include but not limited to:

  • CHARACTER (honor, loyalty and integrity)
  • SERVICE (community, club and fraternity)
  • AVAILABILITY (meetings, assembly and projects)
  • FINANCIAL STABILITY (livelihood, employment and profession)
  • PERSEVERANCE (patience, humility and dedication)
  • FELLOWSHIP (brotherhood/sisterhood and group unity)


Applicants who passed the background investigation and interview shall be presented and introduced to all club members during the General Membership Meeting (GMM) then applicants name shall be posted on the Eagles Club website ( and circulated to all Eagles Club nationwide.

Any member of the Eagles Club with good standing can submit objections in writing before the Jury before the applicants induction.


Applicants will be given the opportunity to exercise the solemn rights of Eagleism such memorize Eagleism, Universal Prayer, Eagles Pledge and Hym.

The basic orientation seminar are focused on the following subjects:

  1. The birth of the Philippine Eagles
  2. Eagleism
  3. Declaration of Purpose and Goals
  4. Bill of Rights and Obligations
  5. Government of the Philippine Eagles
  6. Eagles Ethical Code
  7. Eagles Member Duties and Obligations
  8. Eagles Constitution and By-Laws
  9. Philippine Eagles Implementing Rule and Regulations
  10. Philippine Eagles Governance and its Organizational Structure
  11. Rites and Practices


Applicants are required to wait for 3 months, shall be required to attend all monthly General Membership Meeting (GMM) and three (3) community services without fail.


All successful applicants shall earn the Rite of Passage and take the oath of Eagleism as their final act of officially becoming a full-pledge member of the Eagles Club or the Fraternal Order of Eagles (TFOE – PE).