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Agricultural Training Institute

Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) – Tagum City

The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) is a government agency in the Philippines that focuses on providing agricultural extension and training services to farmers, fishers, and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The ATI’s main objective is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individuals involved in agriculture and promote sustainable agricultural practices. Here are some key aspects of the Agricultural Training Institute:

  1. Agricultural Extension Services: The ATI offers extension services to disseminate relevant and updated agricultural information, technologies, and best practices to farmers and other stakeholders. This includes organizing training programs, workshops, seminars, and study tours to educate participants on various agricultural topics, such as crop production, livestock management, organic farming, post-harvest techniques, and agricultural entrepreneurship.
  2. Farmer Field Schools: The ATI promotes the Farmer Field School (FFS) approach, which is a participatory and experiential learning method. FFS involves hands-on training conducted in actual farming settings, where farmers learn by doing and exchanging knowledge with their peers. These schools aim to improve farmers’ skills, enhance their decision-making abilities, and encourage the adoption of sustainable and climate-smart agricultural practices.
  3. Technology and Information Dissemination: The ATI plays a crucial role in disseminating agricultural technologies and information to farmers and rural communities. This includes the development and distribution of educational materials, manuals, guides, and multimedia resources that provide practical information on various agricultural topics. The ATI also utilizes digital platforms and online learning modules to reach a wider audience and make agricultural knowledge more accessible.
  4. Capacity Building for Agricultural Extension Workers: The ATI provides capacity-building programs and training for agricultural extension workers, such as agriculture technicians, extension officers, and community organizers. These programs enhance their technical knowledge, teaching skills, and extension methodologies, enabling them to effectively deliver agricultural information and support farmers in their respective areas.
  5. Research and Development: The ATI conducts research and development initiatives to generate evidence-based knowledge and innovations in agriculture. This research focuses on addressing current and emerging challenges faced by farmers, improving farming practices, and developing sustainable agricultural solutions. The findings and recommendations from these studies are integrated into the training programs and extension services provided by the ATI.

The Agricultural Training Institute plays a vital role in promoting agricultural productivity, rural development, and sustainable farming practices in the Philippines. By providing training, extension services, and access to relevant information and technologies, the ATI aims to empower farmers and rural communities, improve their livelihoods, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the agricultural sector.



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