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National Tobacco Administration – Tagum City

The National Tobacco Administration (NTA) is a government agency in the Philippines responsible for the regulation, promotion, and development of the tobacco industry in the country. It was established under Republic Act No. 7171, which was enacted on August 8, 1991.

Here are some key points about the National Tobacco Administration:

  1. Regulatory Functions: The NTA regulates various aspects of the tobacco industry, including production, marketing, and trade of tobacco products. It sets standards and guidelines for tobacco cultivation, manufacturing practices, and product quality.
  2. Tobacco Farmers’ Assistance: The NTA provides support and assistance to tobacco farmers and their organizations. It implements programs and projects aimed at improving the livelihoods of tobacco farmers, such as providing access to credit, technical assistance, and marketing support.
  3. Leaf Quality and Auction System: The NTA is responsible for ensuring the quality of tobacco leaves produced in the country. It operates an auction system where tobacco farmers can sell their produce to registered buyers.
  4. Research and Development: The NTA conducts research and development activities related to tobacco production, processing, and product development. It collaborates with research institutions and experts to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the tobacco industry.
  5. Market Promotion: The NTA promotes Philippine tobacco in domestic and international markets. It participates in trade fairs, exhibitions, and other promotional activities to showcase the quality and variety of Philippine tobacco products.
  6. Collection of Fees and Levies: The NTA collects fees and levies from the tobacco industry to fund its operations and support tobacco farmers. These fees are imposed on various stakeholders, including tobacco manufacturers, importers, and exporters.

The National Tobacco Administration plays a crucial role in supporting and regulating the tobacco industry in the Philippines. Its efforts aim to ensure the sustainability of the industry, protect the welfare of tobacco farmers, and promote the country’s tobacco products in both domestic and international markets.



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