In Tagum City, the local branch of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) operates to implement and enforce environmental policies and programs at the local level.

Here’s some information specific to DENR Tagum City:

Location: DENR Tagum City is located in Tagum City, which is the capital of the province of Davao del Norte, Philippines. It is situated in the Davao Region of Mindanao.

Functions and Services: DENR Tagum City carries out various functions related to environmental management and conservation. This includes issuing permits and licenses for activities such as tree cutting, land development, and mining operations, as well as conducting inspections and monitoring to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations. The office also provides assistance and guidance on environmental concerns to the local community and stakeholders.

Environmental Programs: DENR Tagum City implements programs and initiatives to address local environmental challenges and promote sustainable practices. These may include reforestation and watershed management projects, coastal and marine conservation efforts, waste management programs, biodiversity conservation, and environmental education and awareness campaigns.

Collaboration and Coordination: DENR Tagum City works closely with local government units, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community organizations, and other stakeholders to achieve its environmental objectives. It engages in partnerships and collaborations to promote community involvement, ensure stakeholder participation, and foster collective action towards sustainable environmental practices.

Environmental Compliance and Enforcement: DENR Tagum City is responsible for monitoring compliance with environmental laws and regulations within its jurisdiction. This includes conducting inspections, investigations, and enforcement actions against violations such as illegal logging, illegal mining, and other activities that harm the environment.



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