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Anti-Rabbies – Tagum City

Anti-rabies vaccines are important because they protect people and animals such as cats and dogs from getting rabies, a dangerous virus that can be deadly. Rabies is a disease that can pass from animals to humans through bites from rabid animals. One easy way to prevent it is by ensuring your pets receive their annual rabies vaccination.

In Tagum City, various places provide anti-rabies vaccines, including:

  • Tagum City Veterinary Office
  • Provincial Veterinary Office
  • Barangay Health Center
  • Teo-Yan Pet Shop
  • Davao Regional Medical Center

Typically, you’ll have to obtain a referral from your local barangay health center in many instances. It’s recommended that people join in the observance of Rabies Awareness Month, which takes place every March as mandated by Executive Order No. 84, issued in 1999.

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