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Barangay Health Worker

Barangay Health Worker (BHW) – Tagum City

A Barangay Health Worker (BHW) is a community health volunteer in the Philippines who plays a crucial role in providing primary healthcare services and promoting health education at the barangay level. BHWs are appointed or elected within their respective barangays and work closely with local health officials and healthcare providers to deliver essential health services to community members. Here are some key aspects of the Barangay Health Worker role:

  1. Health Promotion and Education: BHW conducts health education and promotion activities to raise awareness about preventive health measures, hygiene practices, nutrition, family planning, and other relevant health topics. They may organize community health campaigns, conduct health seminars, and distribute informational materials to promote healthy behaviors.
  2. Community Health Services: BHWs assist in the delivery of primary healthcare services at the barangay level. This can include conducting basic health assessments, assisting in immunization programs, monitoring vital signs, providing first aid, and administering basic treatments for common illnesses under the guidance of healthcare professionals.
  3. Health Surveillance and Reporting: BHWs play a role in health surveillance by identifying and reporting health concerns and disease outbreaks within the community. They may assist in conducting health surveys, monitoring disease trends, and reporting cases to local health authorities for appropriate action.
  4. Referral and Linkage: BHWs act as a link between community members and formal healthcare facilities. They help facilitate referrals for individuals who require specialized care or treatment beyond the scope of primary healthcare services available at the barangay level. BHWs may assist in coordinating appointments and ensuring follow-up care.
  5. Health Records and Documentation: BHWs maintain records and documentation related to their health activities in the barangay. This includes keeping records of health services provided, maintaining patient profiles, and compiling health-related data for reporting and monitoring purposes.

BHWs are invaluable resources in promoting community health and addressing healthcare needs at the grassroots level. Their close proximity to the community allows them to have a deep understanding of local health concerns and enables them to provide timely and culturally appropriate health interventions. The role of Barangay Health Workers is crucial in achieving improved health outcomes and access to healthcare services in Philippine barangays.



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