The PRC Founding Anniversary is an occasion for the commission to commemorate its establishment and to reflect on its role in ensuring the integrity, competence, and professionalism of various licensed professionals in the Philippines. The specific date of the anniversary may vary, as it would be based on the date of establishment of the PRC, which occurred on June 22, 1973.

The PRC is a government agency in the Philippines responsible for regulating and supervising various professional services and occupations in the country. It oversees the licensure and registration of professionals in fields such as engineering, nursing, medicine, accountancy, architecture, and many others.

During the anniversary, the commission may organize events, seminars, or activities to promote professional development, ethics, and the importance of regulated professions in the country. It is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of licensed professionals and highlight the role of the PRC in maintaining high standards within the professional sectors it governs.



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