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Tagum City Sports Development Office

Tagum City Sports Development Office

The Tagum City Sports Development Office is like the headquarters for all things sports in Tagum City. Their job is to make sure that people in the city have lots of chances to play sports and stay active.

Their main aim is to make sports more popular in the city and give everyone the chance to get involved in different sports. They team up with schools, sports groups, and local communities to organize sports events, training programs, and activities for all ages.

They also look for talented athletes in Tagum City and help them train and compete at higher levels, even internationally if they’re good enough.

Making sure there are good places to play sports is also their job. They work on building and keeping up sports facilities so that athletes and fans have nice places to train and watch games.

Overall, they work hard to make sports a big part of life in Tagum City. Playing sports isn’t just good for fitness, it also teaches important things like teamwork and determination. Their goal is to make sure everyone in Tagum City feels proud of their sports community and has fun playing sports together.


  • Inter-Barangay Volleyball Tournament
  • Women’s Month Sports Tournament
  • Inter-Barangay Basketball Tournament
  • Table Tennis Summer Sports Clinic
  • Arnis Summer Sports Clinic
  • Taekwondo Summer Sports Clinic
  • Inter-Barangay Chess Tournament
  • Inter-Barangay Beach Volleyball Tournament



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