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Futsal Ball – Tagum City

A futsal ball is a specialized ball used in the sport of futsal. Futsal is a variant of indoor soccer that is played on a smaller, hard court with teams consisting of five players each, including a goalkeeper. The game emphasizes skill, quickness, and precise ball control.

The futsal ball is similar to a regular soccer ball but has a few distinct characteristics. Here are some features of a typical futsal ball:

  1. Size: It is smaller than a regular soccer ball. According to international regulations, the official size of a futsal ball is typically around 4 (circumference: 62-64 cm), which is smaller than the size 5 soccer ball used in outdoor matches.
  2. Weight: It is heavier than a standard soccer ball. It usually weighs between 400 and 440 grams. The slightly increased weight helps to keep the ball lower to the ground, promoting better control and manipulation in the smaller indoor playing area.
  3. Construction: Futsal balls are designed to have reduced bounce and less roll on smooth indoor surfaces. They often feature a low-bounce bladder that helps the ball stay closer to the ground, making it easier to dribble and control.
  4. Panels: Futsal balls typically have fewer panels than traditional soccer balls. They commonly feature a combination of 32 or 26 hand-stitched panels made of synthetic materials such as PU (Polyurethane) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). The fewer panels contribute to a smoother surface and better touch.
  5. Design: The design can vary, but it usually follows the pattern of regular soccer balls, featuring different colors, patterns, and branding.

Futsal balls are specifically tailored to the demands of the sport, offering players better control, responsiveness, and durability in the indoor playing environment.



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