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Yacht – Tagum City

As Tagum City is located on the coast of Davao Gulf, it is possible that there are yacht or boat rental services available for leisure or tourism purposes. However, it may be limited compared to other nearby cities with more established tourism industries.

One option is to check with local resorts or hotels to see if they offer yacht or boat rental services. They may have connections with private companies or operators who can provide these services.

Another option is to search online for yacht or boat rental companies or operators in the Davao del Norte region. Some companies may offer customized packages and tours for clients, including exploring the waters around Tagum City.

It is important to do thorough research and due diligence before renting a yacht or boat, and to ensure that the rental company or operator is reputable and follows all safety regulations. You may also want to consider hiring a local guide or tour operator to help you plan your yacht or boat rental and to provide local knowledge and expertise.


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