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Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh (Scotland) to Tagum City (Philippines)

To travel from Edinburgh (Scotland, UK) to Tagum City, with layovers in Singapore and Davao City, you can follow these general steps:

Step 1: Edinburgh to Singapore

  1. Check the available flights from Edinburgh Airport to Singapore Changi Airport.
  2. Book a flight from Edinburgh to Singapore.
  3. Make sure to consider the layover duration in Singapore to allow enough time for your next flight.

Step 2: Singapore to Davao City

  1. Upon arrival at Singapore Changi Airport, go through immigration and customs.
  2. Proceed to the transfer area or the relevant terminal for your next flight.
  3. Check the available flights from Singapore to Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City.
  4. Book a flight from Singapore to Davao City.
  5. Follow the instructions at the airport for any necessary security checks or procedures during your layover.

Step 3: Davao City to Tagum City

  1. After arriving at Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City, complete the immigration and customs procedures.
  2. Collect your luggage, if applicable, and proceed to the arrivals area.
  3. Depending on your preference and the time available, you have a few options to travel from Davao City to Tagum City:
    • Private transportation: You can hire a taxi or arrange for a private car to take you directly to Tagum City. Make sure to negotiate the fare beforehand.
    • Public transportation: You can take a taxi or a tricycle to Davao City’s Ecoland Bus Terminal. From there, you can find buses or vans that travel to Tagum City. Confirm the departure times and fares at the terminal.
    • Ride-hailing services: Services like Grab may be available in Davao City, allowing you to book a ride to Tagum City.

Step 4: Arrival in Tagum City. Once you arrive in Tagum City, you can proceed to your accommodation or desired destination within the city.

It’s important to note that flight availability, schedules, and transportation options may vary. It’s recommended to check with the respective airlines and local transportation providers for the most up-to-date information and to plan your trip accordingly.



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