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City of Mati – Davao Oriental

Mati City is a bustling city known for its stunning natural beauty, including pristine beaches, scenic landscapes, and diverse marine life. It is home to several popular tourist destinations, such as the Sleeping Dinosaur, Dahican Beach, Subangan Museum, and Pujada Island.

Aside from its natural attractions, Mati City also offers a variety of cultural experiences, including festivals like the Pujada Bay Festival, which celebrates the city’s rich culture and history. Visitors can also explore the local cuisine, which features a mix of traditional Filipino dishes and fresh seafood.

Mati City is a growing tourist destination, with new developments in infrastructure and tourism services making it easier for visitors to explore the city’s many attractions. Its friendly and welcoming locals make it an ideal destination for travelers looking to experience the best of what Davao Oriental has to offer.

Mati City, a 5th class component city in the Province of Davao Oriental, established itself as a Spanish settlement in 1861, led by Prudencio Garcia. Francisco Rojas was appointed as the first mayor, followed by the first elected mayor Patricio Cunanan. Mati has been recognized as a city three times, with its recent affirmation on February 15, 2011.



Michelle Marie Denise N. Rabat


Ma. Glenda Monette S. Rabat-Gayta

City Councilors

  • Cheeno Miguel D. Almario
  • Stephen Paul L. Uy
  • Rogelio A. Pabio
  • Avelino B. Capiña Jr.
  • Anthony John Eric N. Rabat
  • Xander Paul B. Alcantara
  • Delfin B. Miones
  • Arman T. Valera
  • Pedrito C. Peña Jr.
  • Edwin A. Barrera


The City of Mati is divided into 26 barangays, namely:

  • Badas
  • Bobon
  • Buso
  • Cabuaya
  • Central (City Proper/Poblacion)
  • Culian
  • Dahican
  • Danao
  • Dawan
  • Don Enrique Lopez
  • Don Martin Marundan
  • Don Salvador Lopez, Sr.
  • Langka
  • Lawigan
  • Libudon
  • Luban
  • Macambol
  • Mamali
  • Matiao
  • Mayo
  • Sainz
  • Sanghay
  • Tagabakid
  • Tagbinonga
  • Taguibo
  • Tamisan


  • Dahican Beach
  • Pujada Bay Festival
  • Sambuokan Festival
  • Subangan Museum


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