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City of Mati

The City of Mati is a 5th class component city in the Province of Davao Oriental. Mati has recently affirmed cityhood on February 15, 2011. It was first recognized as a city on June 16, 2007, but lost its cityhood in both 2008 and 2010.

Its first appointed mayor was Francisco Rojas and the first elected mayor was Patricio Cunanan.

Mati was first established as a Spanish settlement in 1861 headed by Prudencio Garcia.



Michelle Marie Denise N. Rabat


Ma. Glenda Monette S. Rabat-Gayta

City Councilors

  • Cheeno Miguel D. Almario
  • Stephen Paul L. Uy
  • Rogelio A. Pabio
  • Avelino B. Capiña Jr.
  • Anthony John Eric N. Rabat
  • Xander Paul B. Alcantara
  • Delfin B. Miones
  • Arman T. Valera
  • Pedrito C. Peña Jr.
  • Edwin A. Barrera


The City of Mati is divided into 26 barangays, namely:

  • Badas
  • Bobon
  • Buso
  • Cabuaya
  • Central (City Proper/Poblacion)
  • Culian
  • Dahican
  • Danao
  • Dawan
  • Don Enrique Lopez
  • Don Martin Marundan
  • Don Salvador Lopez, Sr.
  • Langka
  • Lawigan
  • Libudon
  • Luban
  • Macambol
  • Mamali
  • Matiao
  • Mayo
  • Sainz
  • Sanghay
  • Tagabakid
  • Tagbinonga
  • Taguibo
  • Tamisan


  • Dahican Beach
  • Pujada Bay Festival
  • Sambuokan Festival
  • Subangan Museum


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