Campaign car decals are stickers or graphics that are typically placed on vehicles to promote a political campaign or a candidate running for office. These decals are a common sight during election seasons and serve several purposes:

  1. Identification: Car decals prominently display the candidate’s name, party affiliation, and campaign slogan. This helps voters easily identify the candidate and their political message.
  2. Visibility: It is highly visible as they travel around town. They can reach a wide audience as the vehicle moves through different neighborhoods and communities.
  3. Supporter Mobilization: Supporters of a particular candidate often place these decals on their vehicles voluntarily. It’s a way for them to show their support and help spread the campaign’s message.
  4. Branding: The design of the car decals is a key part of a campaign’s branding strategy. Consistent branding across all campaign materials, including car decals, creates a unified and memorable image.
  5. Promotion of Events: It may also include information about campaign events, rallies, or the campaign’s website, encouraging people to get involved.
  6. Fundraising: Some campaigns sell car decals as a way to raise funds. Supporters can purchase these decals as a way to contribute to the campaign while also displaying their support.

COMELEC typically sets limits on the size and placement of car decals. These regulations ensure that decals are not excessively large or obstructive to the driver’s view. The specific size and placement restrictions can vary by election cycle.



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