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Campaign T-shirt – Tagum City

Campaign T-shirt guidelines approved by the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) in the Philippines are essential to ensure that campaign materials are compliant with regulations and promote transparency during election campaigns. Here are some general guidelines and key elements to consider when creating campaign T-shirts in accordance with COMELEC guidelines:

1. Disclaimer:

  • Include a prominent disclaimer on the T-shirt stating that it is paid for by your campaign or political party.
  • Include your campaign’s official contact details.

2. T-shirt Design:

  • Ensure that the T-shirt design adheres to COMELEC’s regulations regarding size, print area, and content.
  • Typically, the design should not cover the entire T-shirt but should be limited to a specified area, leaving ample space for the wearer’s personal clothing.

3. Size and Placement:

  • Follow COMELEC’s guidelines for the allowed size and placement of campaign logos, slogans, or candidate names on the T-shirt.
  • Respect the guidelines for the maximum size of logos and text.

4. Content Restrictions:

  • Avoid using offensive or misleading content on the T-shirt.
  • Do not include prohibited content or engage in mudslinging against opponents.

5. Candidate Information:

  • Include the candidate’s full name, including middle name and surname, as well as any titles they hold.
  • Clearly state the position the candidate is running for.

6. Campaign Logo and Colors:

  • Use the official campaign logo and colors consistently on the T-shirt.
  • Avoid using copyrighted or trademarked logos without permission.

7. Transparency:

  • Be transparent about the source of campaign funds and expenditures related to the production and distribution of T-shirts.

8. Language and Tone:

  • Maintain a respectful and positive tone in the T-shirt messaging.
  • Use a language understood by your target audience.

9. Distribution and Reporting:

  • Keep records of T-shirt distribution and expenses.
  • Comply with COMELEC’s reporting requirements regarding campaign materials.

10. Quantity Limitations: – Adhere to any limitations on the number of T-shirts that can be produced and distributed by the campaign.

11. Voter Education: – Consider including messages that promote voter education and participation in the electoral process.

12. Compliance Check: – Before producing and distributing campaign T-shirts, consult with legal experts and COMELEC representatives to ensure full compliance with the current regulations.

13. Recycling and Disposal: – Dispose of campaign materials responsibly and consider environmentally friendly options.


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