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DX5 Printhead for Solvent and Eco-Solvent Printers

The printhead is a very delicate component of large format eco-solvent and solvent-based printers. It is the core component of a printer and without a printhead, a printer will not be a printer.

The DX5 Printhead is the oldest Epson micro-piezo printhead used in the market today. The newer printheads are DX7 and DX11.

DX5 has a native resolution of 1440 dpi, 1440 nozzles arranged in 8 lines of 180 nozzles. It has a firing frequency of 8kHz, a minimum droplet size of 1.5 picolitres, and a maximum droplet size of 21 picolitres.

The DX5 has different versions: locked or unlocked, water-based or oil-based, compatibility with inks (eco-solvent, sublimation ink, UV ink, or water-based inks).

It has one of the fastest print speeds among printheads, however, it is very expensive compared to its succeeding versions.




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