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T-Shirt Sublimation – Tagum City

T-shirt sublimation is a process of printing designs on T-shirts using heat and special sublimation ink. The design is first printed on transfer paper using sublimation ink, and then the transfer paper is placed on the T-shirt and heated to transfer the design onto the fabric. This process creates a permanent and vibrant image that won’t fade or peel.

Tagum City is a city located in the province of Davao del Norte in the Philippines. There are several businesses in Tagum City that offer T-shirt sublimation services including Orlando Tailoring of Barangay Mankilam. These businesses use high-quality sublimation ink and equipment to produce T-shirts with vibrant and long-lasting designs.

If you are looking for sublimation services in Tagum City, you can order online or visit our local printing shops. Make sure to choose a reputable business that uses high-quality materials and equipment to ensure the best results. You can also ask for samples of their previous work to see the quality of their printing.

In Tagum City, Davao Del Norte, Davao City, Panabo City, Mawab, Nabunturan, and Pantukan, we provide comprehensive sublimation services, including design, cutting, sewing, and printing.

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