Barobo is a municipality located in the province of Surigao del Sur, Philippines. It is situated on the northeastern coast of Mindanao island and has a population of approximately 58,000 people as of 2020. The town is known for its scenic beaches, waterfalls, and natural attractions, such as the Tinuy-an Falls and the Britania Islands. Agriculture and fishing are the main sources of livelihood for the local residents, with rice, corn, coconut, and banana being the major crops grown in the area.


Barobo is divided into 22 barangays, namely:

  • Amaga
  • Bahi
  • Cabacungan
  • Cambagang
  • Causwagan
  • Dapdap
  • Dughan
  • Gamut
  • Javier
  • Kinayan
  • Mamis
  • Poblacion
  • Guinhalinan
  • Rizal
  • San Jose
  • San Roque
  • San Vicente
  • Sua
  • Sudlon
  • Tambis
  • Unidad
  • Wakat



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