Dark Transfer Paper is a printable material used to transfer colored images or text into any suitable fabric such as plain t-shirts or plain textile. This is normally used on dark colored shirts such as black, fuschia pink, aqua blue, red, dark violet, turquoise, hot pink, navy blue, emerald green, maroon, orange, or royal blue.


  • Plain Shirt or Textile
  • Pigment Printer
  • Dark Transfer Paper
  • Heat Press Equipment
  • Computer
  • Cutter Plotter (Optional)
  • Scissor (Optional)
  • Cutter (Optional)


Once you have all the equipment and materials ready, you can proceed with the following:

  1. Make your design on your computer with your favorite layout software.
  2. Print your design using your pigment printer.
  3. You can use your cutter plotter to do a precise cutting of the design, cutter or a scissor to cut design.
  4. Once the design is cut, prepare your heat press machine.
  5. Press the design on the dark transfer paper using your heat press machine.